The Word

Temporary Resting Place

In his final moments, James Williams thought about a lot of things. Some of which probably included a cursory view of his life, his present circumstances and I’m sure  a looking forward to “a hope” like  most  people. I say “probably” because you really don’t know what anyone is thinking before they die, and I use the phrase “a hope” because people, regardless of where they are on the belief map, have hope in something. He believed in Jesus Christ and his last moments (between  pangs of pain) must have included  some sentiments about his faith. But now, Dad can no longer use the voice God gave him to pray, express love to the wife he leaves behind or sing the songs that brought him joy. 
We then, are left to continue, and Dad like others that have passed this way before is even now a fading memory that time will eventually archive into obscurity. The hope he died with is yet our living hope, that what we do in life and who we believe in matters. And what we believe is “death in Christ” is not the closing of the book, but simply the end of a chapter, a tale that will one day have the words “happily ever after”. And it is to that end that we continue in our labor, our love, and our hope with the life we have left in this tabernacle as our brother Paul puts it. For soon the dead in Christ will rise, and those that are alive will be caught up in the clouds of glory forever more to be with the Lord. This is the song that James Williams sang, this is the hope that he spent his life living for, and now we must continue singing and living in his absence for others will have to continue in ours. But for now these words of Laban to Jacob must suffice as we use this occasion to place the remains of James Williams in this temporary resting place, “The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another”.

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