Frustration Abounds



Ever talk to a frustrated sound technician, Pastor, church member about the audio problem? I have, and its usually not very pretty. Over the years, I’ve witnessed many moments where the contention and disagreement would quietly (or loudly) divide members with some leaving disgruntled, searching for better sounding pastures.

Bad sounding audio is usually a mixture of equipment malfunction, operator error, speaker placement or electrical issues, all of which can have a devistating affect on an otherwise pleasant worship experience. Not to worry, there is help. Don’t let your frustrations continue unaddressed. Support you media department by:

1. Send them to relevant conferences, seminars and workshops. If budgets are an issue ( and they usually are) consider purchasing books, CDs, or DVDs that offer solutions to some of the audio issues your church may have.

2. Figure out creative ways to upgrade or purchase necessary equipment the absence of which would negatively impact the service.

Remember, your problems aren’t unique, it has been addressed by somebody somewhere.

You can contact me if you need assistance…


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